Car Licence Class 1


A Class 1 drivers licence gives Kiwi’s a jump start allowing drivers to operate a variety of light vehicles including a car, scooter, motorhome, and tractor.


Get your learners licence

Over a half day session, our learners licence course teaches the road code to new drivers, before taking them to sit the NZTA theory test and obtain their learners licence. With a class 1 learners licence, drivers can drive on the road with a fully licensed driver beside them.


Driving lessons - for learner and restricted licensed drivers

We provide assessments and lessons for drivers working towards the next stage of their class 1 licence. Learn to drive, find out how you are tracking, what you need to work on, and prepare to sit your restricted or full licence test with NZTA.


Defensive Driving course

Our Street-Talk Defensive Driving course teaches drivers to be more aware of driving hazards and how to avoid them. Completing this course reduces the time that drivers must hold their restricted license by up to six months.