Car Licence Class 1


A Class 1 drivers licence gives Kiwi’s a jump start. A Class 1 licence lets drivers operate a variety of light vehicles including a car, scooter, motorhome, and tractor.

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Driving Lessons



With a learners licence, drivers can drive on the road with a fully licensed driver beside them.



A restricted licence gives drivers the ability to drive unsupervised between 5am and 10pm, without unlicensed passengers. By completing our defensive driving course, drivers can fast track their full licence.

You must have held your learners licence for at least six months before sitting your restricted licence test.



With a full licence drivers have the freedom to operate all light vehicles under the Class 1 category, with no curfew or passenger restrictions.

You must have held your restricted licence for at least eighteen months before sitting your full licence test, unless you have completed a defensive driving course, in which case you can sit your full licence after twelve months.


Defensive Driving

Our defensive driving course teaches drivers to be more aware of driving hazards and how to avoid them. By completing this course, drivers can knock six months off their restricted licence.


Advanced Driver Training

Advanced driver training teaches drivers how to react in difficult driving situations. This course is great for businesses wanting to teach their employees how to drive responsibly.