Licences and Courses

Get on the road with the National Driver Training Centre.


Current courses


Car Licence - Class 1

From learning to drive through to obtaining your full licence - we provide driving assessments and lessons, as well as courses and testing with NZTA.


Defensive Driving
(Class 1)

Our defensive driving course teaches drivers to be more aware of driving hazards and how to avoid them. By completing this course, drivers can also knock up to six months off their restricted licence.


Motorcycle - Class 6

From beginner through to expert - courses to teach riders to ride motorcycles and scooters.


Truck Licence - Class 2

From learning to drive a light truck through to obtaining your full Class 2 licence - we provide the courses and testing with NZTA.


Coming soon


Advanced Driver Training
(Class 1)

Gain the skills to control your car under any circumstances. For employers, reduce insurance premiums and keep your staff safe on the road.



Learn to drive a forklift safely, or take your endorsement refresher course.


Wheels, tracks and rollers

Our wheels, tracks and rollers course provides drivers with the skills to operate special-type vehicles on the road


Truck Licence - Class 3

Class 3 truck licensing and lessons to operate vehicles with a light trailer.


Truck Licence - Class 4

Class 4 truck licensing and lessons to drive rigid vehicles with a light trailer (including a tractor) over 18,000kg.


Truck and Trailer Licence - Class 5

Class 5 truck and trailer licensing and lessons to operate heavy vehicles with a trailer more than 25,000kg.